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An Agency for the internationalization of cultures and enterprises

Created in 2002  under the rules of the European legislation as an “European Group of Economic Interest”

KOINETWORK has been constituted for the purpose of:

  • offering its consulting services in the cultural, scientific, juridical and industrial fields;

  • proposing to assist research, training, communication and publishing projects in the fields of human and social sciences;

  • networking for financing or for joint activities projects at public or private, national or international level with the participation of institutions, enterprises and associations active in different fields;

  • communicating by means of advanced technology;

  • launching the creation and organizing the management of international human and technical exchanges networks.


Project 2012-2014
Counternarration for Counterterrorism. "
The Terrorism Survivors Storytelling. Global platform for resilience stories and radicalisation awareness"
Ue programme ISEC
(read more...)"

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